by Old Loaves

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We worked on this album for at least a year. Ben would travel down to Wellington when he could and we'd spend whole days in our little practice space working on these songs. It was recorded over one weekend in December 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand.


released June 21, 2012

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Tim Shann

Cover photo by Blake Dunlop
Insert photos by Alex Meagher
Layout and design by Benjamin Ward

Album title thanks to Brendan Olphert

Cameron Reid: Drums and backing vocals (Fools, Wretch)
Kalem O'Brien: Bass and backing vocals (Half-Ounce)
Benjamin Ward: Guitars and vocals

(c) 2012 Old Loaves



all rights reserved


Old Loaves Auckland, New Zealand

"He'd normally eat anything, but never those old loaves."

Cameron Reid
Benjamin Ward
John Strange

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Track Name: Hooks
You fell off the hook, miles away
We recognize the taste
It's all right to lie today

Pose the pros are here
It's your life rack it in

Fell light, from my rise
Track Name: Teeth
Found my lonely gaze
The teeth are on display

Push in cold I'm out
She pulls my teeth and laughs
You’re wrong

Pulls me closer
Going under

She sits and listens, we're kissing the floor
Found my teeth I'm crawling back for more
She loves the way we run

Mine to taste
Slice the days
We'll fall back together

They'll still try to kill us
Track Name: Their Noise
We crawled past the fools
Blind they stand, miles away from you

It's safe, you can pass on again
Your last attempt, broke hope
Now we can breathe, as the liars break their teeth
And the narcs make their noise

Fools raise your glass
Always in line
Track Name: Half-Ounce
Here we are, a muddy paradise
Wash away, it's you we'll sacrifice

Sorry, it's me or the others
I cannot separate this discarded night
Can I see, your pouring grief
Lie with me tonight

Scared, I run for cover
The sky looks bright tonight
Refused, the raven beckons

It's a play, and we're the minstrels
A figment, the aimless craving reckons
Track Name: Dust
Throw me around
It’s obvious

Now that you’re

Throwing me far
You will remain uncertain
I see the way you are
I see the way you are

Now that you're abandoned

The fall was nothing
You groan away
The fall was nothing
We groan away

The fall will last, not broken enough to run

It's true
The prize
You fool
Now put your hands away
Track Name: Fools
Poor boy the throne is a task
Into position, we'll hold them back
The noise

We're all still waiting, composed enough, the road wouldn't last
So we laughed, composed enough

You sit there wishing and we'll break his back
The walls will just thicken to hold in your laugh
The noise

Found your desire it's easy to place
The packs getting stronger but going to waste

Subtle roads
Pass it alone

Come see the rise
Track Name: Wretch
Washed in and hopeless, breaking theme
Take your place, take your piece

Yeah, your protest, collapsed today
Come my restless one, the herd awaits
you'll find the role we posses
Controls the pride you're pushing away

Focus, you're sacred
Are we mad to ask? You're mine to ask

Row we're tired, while the world's awake
Places vagrants, your begging stops today

Focus, you're sacred
Are we mad to ask? You're mine to ask
Track Name: Parade
The pros line the bay
Because they came to draw you out
And yeah, come join my parade
But the more you scream the more they'll laugh

Close them tight, as the old folks would say
It's easier to lie here awake
You can row your hope, but I froze the road
The sign of my declining parade

Row all you want
Row your world away
Row all you want
Row right into my parade

The nights calling out
The lights fall away